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My name is Curtis Edmonds; I’m the author of, most recently, A CIRCLE OF MOONLIGHT, the second book in my YA portal fantasy series about a young woman who is thrust into an imaginary dream world following a tragic car accident. I’ve also written humor pieces for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and book reviews for Bookreporter and Goodreads. I have a recent piece in a new SF anthology called Overmorrow.

This site has been hacked more than Shaquille O’Neal recently, and I am in the process of rebuilding it. So a lot of the content you’ll see newly posted here tends to be really old – remnants from the Before Time, in a lot of cases. And that’s fine! But once I’m finished re-posting a lot of the old junk, there will be some new content. Promise! In the meantime…

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Our Boys Always Botch It

Monday night, a day in the life. Cowboys at Met Life, playing the Giants. Don’t know if you’ve been to Met Life or not. I’ve been by there several times – New Jersey state fair is held in its parking lot, and I’ve had to go by the Meadowlands racetrack any number of times when… Continue reading Our Boys Always Botch It

Walker, Texas Rangers

Friday evening, a day in the life. I had gotten an email from our local chain steak restaurant, which had just barely stayed open during COVID and had been operating off of a drastically shortened menu for years now. The email said they had brought back their prime rib, so we made reservations for 7PM.… Continue reading Walker, Texas Rangers

Obvious Injustice

Mary Jo. C. v. N.Y. State & Local Ret. Sys., 707 F.3d 144 (2d Cir. 2013) Why This Is Not a Law Review Article You see — maybe you don’t — I write law review articles. I’ve written five so far, plus a couple of journal articles here and there, from when I was working… Continue reading Obvious Injustice