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My name is Curtis Edmonds; I’m the author of, most recently, A CIRCLE OF FIRELIGHT, a YA portal fantasy novel about a young woman who is thrust into an imaginary dream world following a tragic car accident. I’ve also written humor pieces for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and book reviews for Bookreporter and Goodreads. I have a recent piece in a new SF anthology called Overmorrow.

This site has been hacked more than Shaquille O’Neal recently, and I am in the process of rebuilding it. So a lot of the content you’ll see newly posted here tends to be really old – remnants from the Before Time, in a lot of cases. And that’s fine! But once I’m finished re-posting a lot of the old junk, there will be some new content. Promise! In the meantime…

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Miracle at the Meadowlands

I wrote something very critical of the New Jersey vaccination process the other day; this is the follow-up. My appointment was today to get the vaccine. There are basically three tiers in the system now: one is through the mega-sites that use the state vaccination registry system (Somerset County, Morris County, and Middlesex County), one… Continue reading Miracle at the Meadowlands

The Needle Tears a Hole

I don’t remember when I started really seriously worrying about the vaccine. It wasn’t right away. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t want the vaccine. I just thought that I would get it in good time. I am a fairly normal and average person, but I am maybe a little more vulnerable than… Continue reading The Needle Tears a Hole

Just A Quick Update on A CIRCLE OF MOONLIGHT

For the–er–forty or fifty people out there who actually bought A CIRCLE OF FIRELIGHT, you might be interested that I’m now officially 40,000 words through with its sequel, tentatively titled A CIRCLE OF MOONLIGHT. (Possible alternative titles include I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS TAKING ME THIS LONG and HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE… Continue reading Just A Quick Update on A CIRCLE OF MOONLIGHT